I’ve been working with Stiana since January on my goals to improve sleep, concentrations, lose some body fat and improve training recovery/performance. In just 3 months the changes I’ve felt have been beyond what I thought I could achieve, hitting all my goals and even chasing bigger ones moving forward. If you want someone who is extremely knowledgeable to set out an incredibly detailed plan for your nutritional and even lifestyle goals, then Stiana is the person for you! She’ll make a plan specified to you and motivate you to stay on track throughout the process, making a seemingly difficult challenge a lot easier.

J. D (2017)

A Great Help. As a pensioner with a weight loss problem & having had numerous tests, scans etc, without a satisfactory conclusion, I duly contacted Stiana. Her understanding & explanation of my bodies’ nutritional needs, together with her extensive knowledge, have been a great help & my weight has now stabilised. The changes I have made to my diet, on her advice, will no doubt benefit me in the future.

R.M (2017)