Hi, I am Stiana and welcome to The Wellness Junction.

I am blessed to be a mum to two beautiful and loving children whom, together with my wonderful husband, bring so much light and love to my life. I am a spiritual gangster with a passion for life who is continually seeking to evolve and grow. I love to spend time with friends and family and enjoy the simple things like cooking, reading, music, photography and crafts. It never ceases to amaze me just how much pleasure I get from the simple things in life.

For the last two and a half years I have been documenting my journey with Fibromyalgia on Instagram and I now finally feel ready to start this blog. You see a little over six years ago, my life suddenly stopped as my body decided that after years of warnings it was finally time to shut down. Our bodies are true miracles and will al-ways do its best to heal and be strong, but if we continually ignore the signs to listen, like with anything, it will stop working. It felt like it all happened overnight, one night I was still trying to write a dissertation somewhere between breastfeeding my baby and the next morning I collapsed during a meeting.

“Each of us holds the key to take the right junction
to a healthy pathway in life.”

The weeks, months and years that followed were clouded by blurred vision, slurred speech, pins and needles, muscle twitching, photophobia, intolerance to noise, loss of appetite, constant burning sensation all over my skin, especially my head and spine. I had regular migraines, and completely lacked the ability to process or retain any information. My life became dominated by severe palpitations and chest pain (which we later learnt was the result of severe Stage four adrenal exhaustion), horrendous muscle pain and fatigue, like nothing I had ever experienced. I was wired one the slightest stimulation and my body thrived on pain and insomnia. The cycle was relent-less, unforgiving and felt never ending.

So in January 2010 I became mostly bed and house bound, which was far from easy when I had just had my second child. It took around ten months to be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and despite the orthodox support of steroids and pain killers that was on offer, I felt completely helpless as I knew that was not the path for me. I had nowhere to turn and nowhere to go for help. It took me months to get my head around this reality, but finally I figured that the only way I was going to get through this was to commit to a journey that reconnected my body with nature and my primary focus became good wholesome organic food and supplementation.

There are no short cuts and no quick fixes! Hard work and determination slowly brought some strength back to my body. I chose a diet free from sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy, soya and at first grains (as I wanted to give it all the support I could) and all processed foods. I worked with a nutritional therapist to establish areas of weaknesses within the body and the testing enabled us to really home in on areas that genuinely would not have been addressed otherwise. It also shed light on areas that were so unclear to me, but slowly and surely all the pieces of the jigsaw fell into place.

In January 2014, despite still relying on my wheelchair for outings and spending hours in bed each day, I was feeling so much stronger. I felt strong enough to finally introduce yoga back into my life. I had started Ashtanga yoga whilst trying to heal from viral meningitis in 2005 as I knew just how powerful a practice this was for detoxifying and strengthening the body, but each time I attempted it since I fell ill in 2010, I was left with serious repercussions, so I listened to my body and focussed on gentler movements instead. This time I knew that I was ready and my yoga journey was reignited.

By the summer of 2014, I finally ditched the wheelchair and after serious contemplation I felt ready to study Naturopathic Nutrition with the College of Natural Medicine. This has been my dream since recognising the key role of the environment and how dietary input can modulate health and I felt that it was something I wanted to share with other people, who like myself might be faced with inexplicable illness for which very little answers or support exist.

I had no idea how I was going to manage the course, especially when I was still struggling with severe fatigue, but I am now in my second year and I am loving each minute. I am getting stronger each day and I completely believe that one day I will be healthier than I have ever been.  My goal is to inspire you to embrace more plant-based foods in your diet and to understand just how important good wholesome food is for your journey in life. Disease is simply the result of years of ‘wrong doing’ in the body and each of us hold the key to take the right junction to a healthy pathway in life. Many will say that genetic factors play a key role in our future, and in some ways they do, but through epigenetics we also know that each and every one of us holds the power to change our genes simply through the food and lifestyle we choose.

Let me guide you to find your pathway to healthy living as after all we only get one body to live in so be kind to it.